Committee In charge: Dr.Nilesh Mahadeo Khutle

Alumni Lecture series (Session 01)
Dr.Abhijeet Kunwarpuriya 
Alumnus : M.Pharm.(Pharmaceutics) 2012-2014
Current position: Principal scientist, Bristol Laboratories,UK)
Topic : My journey : DLHHCOP classroom to R&D Cubicle
Date : 2nd October 2021
Alumni Lecture series (Session 02)
Ms.Khyati Karkera
Alumnus : B.Pharm. 2016-2017
Current position: Regulatory affairs specialist, LabCorp Scientific Services and Solutions Pvt Ltd.
Topic : Career pathway and Skill sets for regulatory affairs in Industry.
Date : 9th October 2021
Alumni Lecture series (Session 03)
Mr.Shivam Rai
Alumnus : B.Pharm. 2019-20
Current position: Pursuing MBA from reputed institute in Mumbai
Topic : Insight into Preparation of entrance examinations for higher studies.
Date : 10th October 2021