Capacity-building industrial training (PCI-CBIT) grant

Dr. Harshal Ashok Pawar, Assistant Professor, Dr. L. H. Hiranandani College of Pharmacy, Ulhasnagar has received a Capacity-building industrial training (PCI-CBIT) grant from the Pharmacy Council of India. Pharmacy Council of India has selected 100 faculty across the country in 2021 for the mentioned grant and Dr. Pawar was one among them.

Dr. Pawar has undergone one-month training at Lupin Research Park, Pune. He got practical experience in various departments of the company. The whole month was dedicated for R and D work in all four departments like Formulation, API Process lab, Toxicology and Pharmacology and Analytical. The training module was very meticulously prepared by authorities to cover all the aspects of drug development according to curriculum of B. Pharm and M. Pharm. Dr. Pawar has acquired a lot of information regarding the latest technologies and their working procedures in the R & D set up of the pharmaceutical industry. He hailed the PCI for having introduced the training programme for teachers as it is a value addition in the profession of teaching.

Dr. Pawar is grateful to Pharmacy Council of India and Mr. Nilesh Gupta, Managing Director, Lupin for giving him this golden opportunity. He expressed his deep gratitude towards Mr. Nilesh Kalpande, Coordinator of this program, for his continuous support and help prior to and during the complete training period. He also extended his special thanks to Ms. Nilanjana Basu, Sr. General Manager Corporate Training, Ms. Ramnish Kour, Jammu Site Training Coordinator and Ms. Arnabi Marjit, Vice President, HR, Pune for excellent coordination and making this program successful. He is also grateful to all higher authorities of LRP, Pune including Vice Presidents, Sr. General Managers, Directors, Executive Directors, scientists and subject matter experts who have spent their valuable time and shared knowledge with him. He is also indebted to Dr. Paraag Gide, Principal, Dr. L. H. Hiranandani College of Pharmacy, Ulhasnagar and the management, Hyderabad Sind National Collegiate Board, for allowing him to undertake this training and providing necessary help and support.

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